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We are Paul and Sandra Hurkmans. In this picture we are joined by Humphrey the Maltese, Joschka the Dalmatian and Kari the Västgötaspets or Swedish Vallhund.

Paul en Sandra met Humphrey en Joschka

As you can see from the site, we love dogs and have a lot of fun with them. You can read a bit about us below (you may need to click on the 'Lees verder' button).

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(Curragh's Celtae Cernunnos) Dutch Champion

Kari, almost 9 years old

Since a visit to Crufts in 1997, we knew what our next breed would be. For a long time, I had been making a list of breeds that met a number of criteria. We wanted a versatile breed with which I could try out many dog sports, but which at the same time did not need to work constantly. A healthy breed with no hereditary problems. A social breed, where dogs could get along with other dogs easily. An easy coat that did not need too much grooming. An all weather dog that did not mind the cold or the rain too much. Incredibly enough with all these criteria, there were several breeds on my list. With this list in hand, we went to explore the breed stands at Discover Dogs at Crufts. And the Swedish Vallhund or Västgötaspets charmed us both immediately. (You may need to click on 'Lees verder' to read more about Kari)

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(Curragh's Esir Folkvang)
Dutch Junior Champion - Dutch Champion

Ronja, 3,5 jaar oud
Ronja, 3,5 years old

Naar boven Naar benedenThe newest addition to our household is Ronja. She is a daughter of Kari's half-sister Åsa. She was born 4 May 2007. Ronja was the firstborn and only bitch in a litter of four. She has a long tail, as does one of her brothers. The other two brothers have stubby tails. She came to us on 8 July 2007. (You may need to click on 'Lees verder' to read more about Ronja)

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