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Ronja, 3,5 jaar oud
Ronja, 3,5 years old

Naar boven Naar benedenThe newest addition to our household is Ronja. She is a daughter of Kari's half-sister Åsa. She was born 4 May 2007. Ronja was the firstborn and only bitch in a litter of four. She has a long tail, as does one of her brothers. The other two brothers have stubby tails. She came to us on 8 July 2007. (You may need to click on 'Lees verder' to read more about Ronja)

From pup to adult dog

Even as a puppy, Ronja is already a very outgoing dog. She likes other dogs. She greets them in a subordinate fashion, often even peeing. But she soon tries to get them to play. People she mostly looks at with a wagging tail and she's convinced everybody loves er. Well, most people do and she gets lots of petting from them. She likes to explore the world and it's seldom she's scared of something. If so, it's usually just for a short time, after which she will go and see what the scary thing is. If it's still too scary, we go explore together and make a small detour to check it out.

As an adult dog, Ronja is still quite outgoing, but she has her preferences. Some dogs she really loves, but she has become a bit more careful with strange dogs. With people she has also learned that not everybody thinks she's the most wonderful creature on earth and she only goes to people who invite her.

As a puppy, Ronja played with Joschka and Kari a lot. Both gentlemen sometimes found her very tiring. Each in their own way have found ways of making her back off. Joschka can give an incredibly dirty look which is more impressive than whatever growl he might give. And Kari can mostly ignore her very well, even when she's hanging on the his neck. He just walks on. If it gets to be a bit too much, he needs to be much clearer than Joschka, but he does manage to get the message accross.
Growing up, she finds Joschka and Kari accept less and less of her puppy antics. Now at ages 5 (Ronja) and 10 (Kari) years, they still play together daily, where Ronja can still be a bit shrewish, biting in Kari's paws, and Kari throws in his weight to push her to the ground.

There are several videos on this website of Ronja, Kari and Joschka playing (see video's met spel).


Playing or cuddling, it's all fun

Ronja also likes to play with us. She loves tug games. We've either reinforced letting go of the toy with a food reward or by continuing to play. She likes playing together so much, that she found out all by herself that bringing back the toy leads to further play. Sometimes, she pushes the toy back into our hands. Clever girl!

Ronja loves cuddling as well. You can even stroke her quite hard, she simply loves it.


Naar boven Naar benedenA wonderful training dog

Training with Ronja is an absolute pleasure. I often find myself with a big smile on my face when we're working together. Not that she does everything perfectly, but she does everything so happily and with an extreme intensity, in agility as well as dogdance.

Now that she's 5 years old, we still haven't gone to many competitions, largely because of 'real life' interfering in my schedule and energy levels. What we've done up to now however has gone very well. And whatever we do together, I'm certain we will be having a blast working together!


Ronja 38 weeks old


In 2010 Ronja had a new adventure: a puppy litter for Curragh's Kennel! Bonnie Benneker and I wrote in turns about the pregnancy and the puppies in the Curragh's kennel blog. More about the litter on the F-litter page on Curragh's website, including pictures of the puppy's as they grow up.

I once told our veterinarian that Ronja is like a present. It came out without thinking, and since I've become more and more aware of it: Ronja is a very special dog that I love and enjoy tremendously.


More on Ronja

You can see what Ronja and her brothers looked like on the E-litter page on Curragh's website. The kennel names of the puppies lead to their personal pages, where you can see how they developed. Ronja is usually mentionned under het kennel name Folkvang.

You can see more of Ronja in the section DoghouseRock Foto's

Naar boven Naar beneden


Ronja 12 weeks old

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