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Clicker training is a fun, positive and extremely effective way of training. Thanks to this method, we and our dogs enjoy training and everyday life more than ever before. We're still amazed how fast dogs learn and how much fun we're all having during training.

You will find a very short introduction and a few gateways to more information on the Training and behaviour page in the English menu. There are many links to English websites on our links-pages Trainings-weblinks and Links over gedrag (links about behaviour).

Dogdance (or canine freestyle)

Thanks to clicker training, I got interested in a relatively new dog sport: dogdance or canine musical freestyle. The information about the dog sport on this website is in Dutch. You will find a short introduction to dogdance in Canine freestyle in the English menu. No English links, but many in the universal video language of music and dogdance under 'Filmpjes' in Dogdance-links.

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